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         Arthur (Kit) Dyer

         I've been in the construction industry since 1979 framing and building homes and  commercial buildings.

         In 1994 I started to focus primarily on gas installations  subcontracting to many of the larger national chain propane dealers.

         Because of my experience in building methods and technics, I believe I have a slight advantage over standard gas techs who usually specialize in appliance service and fuel delivery.

         New construction or remodeling goes smoothly with job supervisors or home owners. Many times I can  "retro-fit" a home for gas with little to no impact to structure or finish.

         Changing from electric to gas range or adding a new gas fireplace may be easier then you think!

         On the exterior I am fully equipped to install all sizes of underground propane tanks and lines for your whole house generator, pool heater, or to supply all your interior gas appliances.

      One of my pieces of equipment is a small (mini) excavator with rubber tracks that can fit into small areas and has little impact to existing landscape. We pride our selves in "Leaving it as we found it."

         The term is often over used but Propane is clean burning and "environmentally friendly!"

         Tax rebates are available for changing to a gas tankless water heater, gas dryer and other gas appliances.

         Many find the security of an automatic whole house generator comforting, whether  they live here year round, or are seasonal residents

        I can assist you with all of your propane needs from start to finish.

       From selecting your appliances, to permitting and planning, to all phases of the installation, to fuel delivery, to the operation of your appliances I'll be there!

         Please give me a call, I'm licensed in Charlotte , Lee, Collier, and Sarasota Counties and the local communities within them.

          Thanks for visiting  A.C.DYER INC and thanks for visiting Marie and I at Cowlick Ranch!

Arthur Dyer

239-560-3375 E-mail lpacdyer@gmail.com Fax 941-575-1545